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his order of women is the second-highest and accounts for about fifteen per cent of the female population.

In Indian mythology, Art-woman is less regal in appearance than Lotus-woman, but has a tender body and well-rounded thighs; moreover, she is delicate, inviting, and fragrant. Her LADY LUSSEY has the perfume of honey and is fond of select pleasure and occasional variety. Quick and perceptive, Art-woman knows how to handle intrigue and seeks to advance her self-interest or even to move up to the order of Lotus-women, if necessary through (very intricate) scheming and manipulation.

In the sexonomic definition of this order of women, Art-woman will normally seek to compensate for her second-highest order status by finishing university and going on to graduate school and then engaging in one of the professions; or she will attempt to excel in a field of the arts or in the media. She is very intelligent and will be susceptible to training in logical method; but she can also easily adapt to the arts in general and will be very effective in teamwork as a group leader. She will perform her functions conscientiously and with resolution, but with emphasis on being noticed. Career-path being one of Art-woman's main aspirations, she will, for material gain or for promotions into posts of power, consent to granting sexual favours (even to the select Vulpine-man of unusual entrepreneurial talent and millions of dollars worth of assets, provided he shows himself discreet and respectful of her superior-order status). Art-woman knows how to delegate authority, but will manifest some degree of uncertainty if entrusted with those decision-making powers that are the proper realm of the superior capacity of Lotus-woman.

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