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his order of women represents the average woman and ranks as the third highest. Her sexonomic market is termed Conpine, which makes up about fifty-five per cent of the female population. Her natural order-counterpart is Vulpine-man. Most Conch-women expect to remain in this order throughout their lifetime, even though a few will manage to ascend to the order of Art-women.

In Indian mythology, Conch-woman has a large and often heavy body with long hands and feet; she delights in flowery dresses but possesses an uneven temper because the fire from her forever lustful LUSSEY often takes hold of her owner and threatens to devour her, especially in times of acute sexual fever (modern-day rumour has it that Conch-women are by far the most numerous buyers of high-performance vibrators). But she does engage in moments of reflection, eats in moderation, and is affordable for a man with average income and average taste.

In sexonomic terminology, Conch-woman is viewed as a person wanting to please, a person always willing to exchange her sexuality for an improvement in her material conditions. Usually quite intelligent, she looks with envy at the superior state of Art-woman and incessantly lusts after Lace-man. She tries very hard and, with a supreme effort, she is able to demonstrate that behind that apparent clumsiness may be discovered, not only a person capable of efficient organization but also a fantastic lover who by mastering the appropriate techniques, will seek to respond to the inquisitive Lace-men's yearning for fornication uninhibited by the social constraints or deodorants of his own order-counterpart. Conch-woman has no fear of smelling like a woman; but her lustful orientation may cause some problems to the ladies in the order of Art-women, who know only too well that quite a few Lace-men will often prefer Conch-woman's naturally scented and luscious LUSSEY, even though she may appear less delicate and more frequently used than the vaginas of Art-women. This apprehension emanates from the experience that ambitious Conch-women will do 'everything' to please Lace-men and will usually succeed because they train their enticement-and-control quality to find and keep a perfect balance between the sexonomic rationality of their brains and the desire of their bodies to experience abundant and unmitigated sexuality.

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