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his order of women is classified as the second-lowest in quality. Its sexonomic market is termed Mophant, with about twenty per cent of the population of women, Mob-men representing the order-counterpart.

In Indian mythology, Elephant-woman is portrayed as having a body with coarse skin, large feet and mouth, slouching manners, pungent airs pervading from her thickly covered cleft. She is forever gluttonous and is often shameless about her private needs and dispositions. In sum, this order of women scares men off, except those of her own kind: Mob-men, the greedy, the crude, the brutal, the uncouth, the merciless, the totally undisciplined.

In sexonomic terminology, most Elephant-women lack innate wisdom to handle their sexuality and are naturally inclined to purvey their bodies by catering to the primitive needs of those men who seek instantaneous prolonged intercourse at the lowest possible cost - men in their unmitigated, uncontrollable, insatiable lust for sex. But even those few Elephant-women who do have the innate capacity to assert brain-control over their lust and passion, are unable to do so because their ravenous LUSSEYs' potent oozing forth of their biological effluents remains an uncontrollable force - unless accorded momentary relief by the dog-like rigidity and vehement locomotion of Mob-man's MOJJ. These attitudes make the short-run market for the LUSSEY of an Elephant-woman an active one, for large is the number of women and men upon whom fornication bestows the only meaning in life, with accent on quantity and without any semblance of quality. Entry into, and exit from, the sexonomic market of Elephant-woman is free and amounts to a 'pick-me-up' situation, usually lasting barely more than fifteen minutes (including credit-card and wash-up time). The quality of the sexonomic merchandise is mass-produced and therefore low, the smells are pungent, and all deals are arranged in cash-and-carry at the lowest valuation and the minimum prices of MOJJ and LUSSEY. This market completely lacks any semblance of the rationality which a long-term investment into enhancing Elephant-woman's sexonomic valuation should call for. In both the short-run and the long, Elephant-women and Mob-men form an entity exclusive to themselves and usually resemble humans in their original state of nature and with accent on brutalizing physical force. However, for the materially poor Elephant-women and Mob-men, their primitive sexuality does fill their lairs with that peculiar cave-man-era warmth that is essential for the survival of family life at their precarious margins of existence. Knowing that there is no way out of this kind of lifestyle, Elephant-women settle for a lot of physically active sex and for endless talking about their two main topics in life: their men's sexual attributes and the forever quest for money. Elephant-women who have the misfortune of marrying Mob-men inclined to acquire material wealth, will often suffer at the hands of their husbands/partners, for, poor or rich, Mob-men will never renounce their primitive and predatory ways.

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