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Sexonomics®: The Five Orders of Women and Men

Lotus-women > Quintessential-men
Art-women > Lace-men
Conch-women > Vulpine-men
Elephant-women > Mob-men
Vampire-women > Girandole-men


ote: Even though Kama Sutra's ancient (pre-feudal and feudal) classification of women into four distinct sub-groups called Orders, reflected a usually tyrannical rigid society, in which ascent into the next-higher group was literally impossible, Sexonomics® will retain the term Orders in its own description and analysis of the sub-groups of women and men in our, modern, society, even though it considers vertical and horizontal mobility as one of our fundamental human liberties. To facilitate our readers' comprehension, the terms Order and Orders will always be written in italics, in comparison with the word order in its everyday usage (e.g. in order to, court order, law and order).

Each of these, parallel, sub-groups (Orders) of women and men are deemed to constitute their own particular sexonomic market, for a total of five and ranking from the highest to the lowest in terms of sexonomic valuation.

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