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Sexonomic Games:

The Games Women and Men Play

Conventions, Rules, Insights


exonomic Conventions: A set of principles and codes of conduct, the knowledge of which forms an essential part in women’s and men’s quest to succeed in marketing their sexuality. Several of these conventions are identical for both women and men, while others are exclusive to each of the two genders. This lack of total parallel – an important issue, since Sexonomics® considers women and men as totally equal in all respects except for the physical make-up of their reproductive systems – derives from the evolution of the rules reflecting social status, social conduct, and power relations. In primitive times, when women were considered the chattels of their male partners, most women remained uneducated and poor. Forced to submit to their male partners, they were not expected to marry out of love. However, in contemporary Western society, the status of women has dramatically improved: emancipation, full participation in the war effort, securing the right to private contract and personal financial responsibility, and, finally, open participation in all five sexonomic markets – no more condemnation, stoning, or burning at the stake. On the down-side, the historical compact, to abide by the code of respect for motherhood and the right of every woman to expect to be loved by her man, has been rendered inoperative and even obsolete, by the emerging free-for-all amongst all women for the significantly smaller number of men of superior quality and potency, of wealth and prestige, and of power: woman against woman, young woman against older woman, unmarried woman against wife.

The existence of a set of different conventions for each of the two genders, is also explained by the increasing proportion of women to men, as well as by the continuing unequal distribution of income and wealth, and the unequal access to the sources of power.

Sexonomics® assumes that the backdrop against which human interaction in each of the five sexonomic markets is expected to take place, is made up of the following social structures and customs, which will be respected by all intelligent and educated sexonomic players: honesty and integrity, cleanliness and hygiene, trust and confidence, law and order, vertigiousness, territoriality, and practical knowledge of money, of financial markets, and of pecuniary valuations.

Sexonomic Rules: Noting the relevance of sexonomic conventions, we now proceed to specify the existing three sets of “Rules of the Game”. The first set applies equally to participating women and men: rule of Reason, rule of civility, rule of sexuality, practice of generosity, sense of devotion, liberty and the passion for freedom, rational calculus of pecuniary preference, dictates of time preference. The second set applies only to women: rule of honey, rule of the cat, rule of the goddess Hebe, rule of the goddess Aphrodite. The third set applies only to men: rule of the silken-rope trick; rule of the whip, rule of Midas, and the rule of the umbilical cord.

The involvement of women and men who participate in each respective sexonomic market, expresses itself in billions of linkages between females (who are viewed as “sexonomic subjects” by the competing males) as well as billions of linkages between males (who are viewed as “sexonomic subjects” by the competing females. Sexonomics® seeks to discover what goes in the minds of of women-players who wish to secure for themselves, “their own men”, and what goes on in the minds of male players who wish to secure for themselves, “their own women”. Sexonomics® seeks specifically to explore the following areas that it deems of primary concern: ideal women and ideal men; women’s and men’s sexuality; linkage and influence of material means and power; ideal sexonomic partners, bedding with women, bedding with men, wishing to have a man/woman, but also desiring to be and remain free.

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