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his order of men represents a very special genre whose members originate from the "fallen" members of the order of Lace-men, as well as from Vulpine-men seeking to advance in status. Their common characteristics, in their unpleasant and self-centered homogeneity, prevail by far over the occasional distinctness of their varied backgrounds, levels of education, degrees of sophistication, and at times even genuinely pleasing physical appearances, and render this order of men useful only to the women of the Vampire-order; otherwise, these men's lifestyles are reminiscent of an execrable human experience. Even though quite a few of these men appear outwardly charming, polished, well-mannered, and conversationally quite astute, in their innermost being and their societal function, they are men-for-hire: their sole orientation and singular quest in seeking to maximize their lifetime sexonomic utility revolves around their THREE Ps: the conscious, unimpeded, continuous attempt to train their sexuality such as to derive maximum efficiency and optimal performance from their potency, their perseverance, and their prolificity - as their unique way of earning their livelihood.

Never part of the real labour force and absolutely never engaged in producing any real goods, these men are purveyors of male sexuality in its purest animal sense, in markets that involve mainly the three lower orders of women, and with particular attention to Vampire-women, who have the material means to render the lifestyles of these men quite opulent (when they are in heavy demand), in exchange for sensuously propelling but mechanically repetitive thrusts, vibrant and revolving but sometimes tedious locomotion, and the eventual firework-like explosions in the various LUSSEYs of their cash-and-carry partners-in-fornication.

Girandole-men are incapable of human loving because they had grown totally immune to it, since they know that any soul-touching emotions would inhibit their sexual performance, and since they had learned early enough in their sexonomic careers, that the women who hire men solely for sex, not only absolutely insist on efficient performance but also consider any expression of feeling or of commitment as a serious breach of their, instant-term, contracts. These men are both narcissists and loners: they are the former because they must have bodies in fine shape and with the respective broad shoulders and small but firm asses, both of which takes torturous hours of lengthy practice to develop and then to maintain once the wear-and-tear from the constant sexonomic abuse makes itself forcefully visible; they are the latter because they are in direct competition with one another, their market being quite restricted and depending on the economic fortunes and the bio-psychic conditions and pressures of the women to whom they sell their sexual services.

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