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he intricate web of the fabric of social hierarchy and of the ranking of women and men in their liaisons and power relations, puts special onus on the actions of Lace-men, the second-highest order of men - a small but visible and thoroughly organized group - which is involved in communication, administration, and marketing: negotiation, arbitrage, and manipulation. The task of Lace-men is to implement the decisions and to see to the realization of the goals which emanate from the order of Quintessential-men — a task which accords to Lace-men the appearance of power and which, therefore, commands respect and follow-through on the part of the ranks of Vulpine-men and Mob-men. It is this apparent disposition of real power, that renders Lace-men a very interesting group of individuals to Art-women and the other three lower orders of women.

To sexonomists, the second-highest order of men is of profound interest because the men in this group are usually well educated, have job tenure (as they are indispensable to the efficient operation of our socioeconomic system and its power-political hierarchy), and maintain linkages with which they seek to compensate for their not having first-order status, and having to demonstrate, in their day-to-day interaction, their loyalty to the order of Quintessential-men. As a consequence of their own high ranking, the competition for Lace-men, as lovers and husbands, is very keen (though not so openly vicious as that for the top-order of men). This is so because Lace-men also appear concerned about moral standards, adhere to the basic principles of chivalry, emphasize the work ethic, and have direct access to the real sources of power (in the pre-1789 times of the French monarchy, it was the Lace-men at the Court of Versailles who provided trusted passage to the various courtisannes of the kings). Functioning at the second-highest level of command, members of this order of men are also quite accessible to lusting women from the Royal courts, as well as to some of the more select and enterprising women from the order of Conch-women, women who take much pleasure in copulating with their Lace-men masters, whom they consider marvelously refined and untiring lovers.

In addition to the THREE Ps (which women who love Lace-men will naturally insist upon), Lace-men possess a score of qualities that endear them to all orders of women, except the highest. Six of these represent the less substantive but still very important qualities of Quintessential-men: assertion, authority, endurance, passion, self-control, tenderness. But they also possess qualities that are uniquely their own: technical and administrative skills, organization, patience, manipulation. Furthermore, at the lower end of their total qualities, Lace-men share with the next lower order, that of Vulpine-men, the traits of combativeness, group affiliation and loyalty, and a touch of cruelty that is induced by their base instinct for survival.

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