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he order of Lotus-women is the highest order of women. The few women who belong to this order represent highest value to the world of men and will, therefore, command the highest price, during their entire lifetime. This is so because Lotus-woman offers ultimate value and commands the highest sexonomic valuation as a female person and for each of the three qualities of her LADY LUSSEY.

Lotus-woman has the following vastly superior qualities. In Indian mythology, she has a body soft as petals, skin tender and fair as fragrant pollen, a LADY LUSSEY resembling a lotus-bud about to burst open. She also has a lily-like scent, swanlike gait, low and musical voice, and she also possesses refined taste, cleverness, and natural aptitude for command.

Unlike Indian mythology, Sexonomics® considers Lotus-woman in the modern sense of women's qualities: she is superbly intelligent, highly educated, and totally committed to individualism. She is politically astute and works incessantly for a better and more humane society. She is exquisite in her taste for music, art, and couture, abounds in social graces and performs brilliantly in communication. Daringly a trendsetter and magnificently select in her choice of male companions, she is reserved, to perfection, in her exercise of the three qualities of her LADY LUSSEY. She will never bed with men below her order-counterpart, since her bed is reserved for Quintessential-man, because in him she finds, to her repeated great delight, the virility of a true woodsman and the prolificity of an experienced shepherd, while also enjoying the rare dimensions which are so truly appropriate to his own exalted status amongst men.

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