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Sexonomic Marketing:

The Fascinating World of Sexonomic Marketing and Success

  • Women as Sexonomic Subjects: The Ideal Woman
  • Men as Sexonomic Subjects: The Ideal Man
  • Women and Men: Sexuality, Money and Power
  • Having One’s Own Man/Woman, but also Wishing to be Free

The relation between women and men in their private and intimate lives range from “pure love” to “sheer material self-interest”, with many sets of combinations between these two extremes. Happy, fulfilled women and men we consider “sexonomic winners”. Unhappy, discontented women and men we refer to as “sexonomic losers”. Those women and men who had experienced one or several unhappy relationships, but without ever giving up, we label “sexonomic hopefuls”. Clearly, long-term strategy and marketing involving linkages between individual women and men, will revolve principally, not only around the questionof how to maximize one’s own sexonomic happiness, but also of how to convert a “sexonomic loser” into a “sexonomic winner” – creative transitions that will necessitate a period of re-learning, of improving self-confidence, as well as of rendering possible the “sexonomically hopeful” stage, a most rewarding experience.

In our Chapter on Marketing for Sexonomic Success, an outline is provided of the steps that will have to be undertaken by the female and male players, in their desire to put themselves on the road to personal success in the sexonomic market that is appropriate for their personal qualities and sexonomic valuations. Obviously, the higher the Order, the more aptly will the complete set of the players’ sexonomic endowments have to be brought into play, and the more intricate becomes the marketing strategy. Sexonomic marketing is both like and unlike the strategy of the “art of war”. It is like the art of war, in that it demands a winning combination that is directly linked with the following “winning-strategy” requisites:

  • abundant resource capacity, i.e. of personal sexonomic qualities;

  • up-to-date know-how, i.e. cognitive experience and training;

  • mental agility and physical mobility;

  • positive outlook and appropriate “battle plan” (in particular reference to the “coveted counter-player” from the other gender;

  • unremitting desire to succeed (“losers do not count, only winners do!);

  • awareness of the time constraint (“time heals wounds and keeps hope alive).

But the strategy of sexonomic marketing is also very much unlike the “art War, since sexonomic behaviour is not out to destroy, but to create: love, partnership, linkage and union for life, material welfare; in short, maximization of one’s sexonomic utility over the entire lifetime.

Sexonomic marketing is a profoundly personal experience. It involves private (sexonomic) costs as well as personalized sexonomic benefits. In the higher Orders of women and men, sexonomic marketing is guided by Reason and is therefore presumed to be rational and objective, a fundamental requisite if the results are to be life-approving patterns of togetherness and highest-level sexonomic utility. An experienced intelligent sexonomic player will always picture in her/his mind, the complete layout of her/his marketing plan (her/his personal “Action-flowchart”), and will proceed step by step while adhering to the “rules of the sexonomic game”. While the Chart involves the two fundamental building blocks: sexonomic happiness and maximization of material benefit, six crucial factors are essential if the marketing steps are to be crowned by success: confidence, liberty, intensity, stamina, follow-through, time.

A full treatment and explanation of Successful Sexonomic Marketing is provided in Chapters 5 and 6 of the Sexonomics® Textbook.

Questions to our Readers:

  • Do you (at present) consider yourselves a “sexonomic winner”, a “sexonomic loser”, or a “sexonomic hopeful”?

  • Would you like to discuss the steps that may be required in order to help you realize a higher level of sexonomic happiness?

  • Which of the five sexonomic markets do you believe corresponds most closely to your imbedded qualities and your present social status?

  • Which of the higher sexonomic markets (Orders) do you identify with most closely (and would really like to move up to), and why?

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