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Irrevocably locked in with his own kind, about twenty per cent of the male population, Mob-man manifests the characteristics of his mentally and sexually primitive existence: salacious and insatiable, vulgar and voracious, retrenched but explosive. Violence rather than social compact establish an unstable power structure within, and forces of greed and repression rule over his underdeveloped capacity to reason. This order of men is deemed impenetrable by lawmakers and law enforcers: many of its wealthy members will have acquired their riches from dealing in vice, while its poorer members will at times raise their fists in seeking to demonstrate to the higher orders of men that the real, the long-run, power rests with the order of Mob-men.

In his relation to women, Mob-man is usually uncouth, inconsiderate, vulgar, and angry; but he is rugged, volatile, and a tempestuous lover. Interestingly, these very qualities command a remarkably high price for someone in Mob-man's state as member of the lowest tier in the order-structure of men, especially for Conch-women and the occasional Art-woman on the lookout for a mind-and-body exhausting male. However, whenever these instant liaisons do come up, they are quickly terminated, since no woman except Elephant-woman will find it possible to endure this man's composite of smell, virulence, and vituperation.

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