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his order of men is the highest and therefore the most exclusive. Only a small percentage of men in every generation are destined to become members of this extremely select group, since, to qualify, the individual male must not only be born with the appropriate qualities, but must come out on top in the continuous struggle for ascent into this order, which status he must then safeguard.

The men of this order are men of effective survival, of leaving their positive imprint on the evolution of human society towards the highest moral plane. Copulation with these men has always been the highest aspiration of all five orders of women in their search to guarantee their offspring superior qualities and direct access into this unique, creative, order of men. The basic essence of these men is their universal vision. Their innermost urge is their search for an enduring world peace, their ultimate goal.

In addition to the THREE-Ps (which women require of all men), the men of the Quintessential-order also possess the following fifteen human qualities, of which nine are exclusive to them:

With these fifteen superior — of which eight are exclusive - qualities, Quintessential-man ranks highest by far, of all five orders of men: his sexonomic heart is filled with creativity and happiness, for his lifestyle combines absolutely fulfilling sexuality with the joy of being with Lotus-woman, his natural complement. Since the qualities of the males in this order of men become discernible during their early adolescence, Quintessential-men represent highest value, for which they always command the highest sexonomic price and enjoy highest-level sexonomic utility throughout their lifetime.

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