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Sexonomics®: Saints or Sinners?

A Tongue-in-cheek Attempt to Define the Sexuality of Women and Men and Its Qualities

LADY LUSSEY: The Games Women Play
SIR MOJJ: The Men’s Four P’s

S for Sexonomics

ince an enlightened twenty-first century approach to the discussion of human sexuality cannot be conducted in an environment that lacks literacy and sophistication, Sexonomics® feels obliged to make an attempt to detach itself from the still widely prevailing use of vulgar terms when describing the sexual characteristics of women and men. Instead, it will substitute imaginative acronyms, one each for the women and the men, which will reveal a sense of playful appreciation and of respectful attitude by the more innovative members of both genders, for the sexual organs of their gender-counterparts. Henceforth, a vagina will be referred to as LUSSEY: Luscious Ulotrichan Sensuously Satisfying Yum-Yum. LADY LUSSEY, for the two top orders of women, or just plain LUSSEY, for the three lower orders of women. And the penis will henceforth be referred to as MOJJ: Masculine Orotund Jazzy Joystick. SIR MOJJ, for the two top orders of men, or just plain MOJJ, for the three lower orders.

Sexonomics® presumes that any individual female or male person in Western society enjoys complete freedom to earn material benefits from promotions into the next higher social-order of women (men), by the skillful and successful marketing of their sexuality.

The successful marketing of a woman’s sexuality presumes the existence of and desire to demonstrate the three unique qualities of LADY LUSSEY: The Enticement-and-Control Quality; the Conception-and-Delivery Quality; and the Pleasure Quality. Sexonomics® will attempt to provide for the concerned women, the know-how if they are to develop to full bloom these three qualities. The skillful and, necessarily, sparse offering of these three qualities will secure for the bidding female, the coveted male from the same order, or even an unusually enterprising male from the next higher order of men. A frequent offering of these qualities will vulgarize them, eventually lowering the sexonomic valuation of LUSSEY – a significant decrease in the level of her owner’s sexonomic happiness. LUSSEY, as perceived by the coveting men, may be viewed as a not so holy little place, a privately owned marketable entity that will if wisely invested – as outlined in the Sexonomics® Textbook - bring maximum sexonomic happiness to her owner.

The successful marketing of a man’s sexuality presumes the existence of and the desire to demonstrate the three unique qualities of SIR MOJJ: Potency, Perseverance, Prolificity. For the quality of Potency to impress the sought-after woman (and to help keeping her), it must reveal the following characteristics:
pukkacity, erethism, sensitiveness, dimension. As explained in the Sexonomics® Textbook, each of the three qualities represents an imbedded primeval need of women, and will secure for the bidding male owners of these qualities in their respective order, the desired and sought-after woman. Sexonomics® will through lectures, demonstrations, and applied sessions, seek to develop these qualities in concerned men, and thereby assist them in achieving highest sexonomic valuations.

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