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Sexonomic Strategies:

The Five Orders of Women
The Five Orders of Men
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Kama Sutra’s Four Orders of Women: 21st Century Update
The Five Orders of Men: Modern Seminal Ideas by Dr. Adalbert Lallier


n Sexonomic Reasoning, the four traditional “Orders of women” as designated by the philosophers of Kama Sutra, have been reviewed and revised, to correspond to the realities of modern, well-educated and technologically highly skilled, industrialized society. In this update, the number of “Orders of women” has been increased from the traditional four (viz. from the highest to the lowest: Lotus, Art, Conch, Elephant), to include a new genre (Vampire-women), as the lowest-order women that is unique to the contemporary developed world. To these, five, Orders of women, have now been added, five Orders of men (viz. from the highest to the lowest: Quintessenial, Lace, Vulpine, Mob, and Girandole. With these classifications, sexonomic reasoning has secured for each Order of women, the appropriate Order of men. Each coupling at each Order-level is now deemed to constitute a corresponding sexonomic market, a situation in which the two top-level markets are exclusive of the three lower-level markets. However, and recalling the assumption of unimpeded vertical and horizontal movement in our society, Sexonomics® has made provisions, for the more talented members of a lower order, to be able to move into the next-higher order – a reflection of the desire to “improve on oneself” – an achievement that can be realized by subscribing to the appropriate-level Programme “Strategies and Success, that will be offered by the Sexonomic Institute.

In the discussion of Sexonomic Strategies, the stage is set for the use of sexonomic terminology, - which was first developed by Dr. Adalbert Lallier in the early 1980s and which includes those innovative and quantifiable concepts that are viewed as measures of an individual player’s sexonomic success (or lack thereof). Knowing these concepts and terms are considered the first step in ascertaining the player’s placement and ranking in her/his respective Order: sexonomic value, sexonomic price, sexonomic valuation index, sexonomic utility, sexonomic heart. In fact, the “sexonomic heart” has become the officially certified logo of sexonomic reasoning and its first, official Website. Should the initial ranking not be satisfactory to the individual participant in Sexonomic Strategies and Games, a programme of sexonomic education and training might be the recommended, forward-looking solution.

In Sexonomic Strategies and Games, the foundation is laid for an individual player’s participation and success in her/his particular sexonomic market. The pulsation of this foundation derives from the manifold ability of the participants to apply their own sexonomic reasoning to the challenges that arise from the “Magic Triangle” of human sexuality, money and power.

Chapter 5 of the Sexonomics® Textbook offers full explanation of Strategies and Games.

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