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his order of women represents a modern-day innovation: a very special genre whose members originate with the orders of women below Lotus-woman. Their common characteristics, in spite of their widely different backgrounds, levels of education, degrees of sophistication - and therefore manifestly different forms of societal presence - prevail, by far, in their unpleasant homogeneity and render this order of women an execrable human experience. Many Vampire-women appear outwardly charming, graceful, feminine, and even beautiful, and will organize with great skill and astutely assert personal leadership in the realms of communications, entertainment, and of political and economic hierarchies. But in their innermost selves, they are predatory, ruthless, calculating, narcissistic, and are at all times preoccupied with the quest for power, domination, and maximum material and pecuniary gain. Their external visibility vis-à-vis men is often that of poise and intellectual brilliance, which is why these women often marry rich, or secure very high posts in government and industry - but only until their true nature reveals itself by their incessant drive for ever more dominance over all men and all other women.

This order of women does not exist in Indian mythology: it is the outcome of industrialization (in the West as well as in the East) and of the inherent urge of some women to fight and to destroy men. They are razor sharp, merciless (especially with the older set of women in all orders), deadly in their efficiency. In their minds, the ultimate human Self, the members of this order will misuse and exploit the trust of the occasional friend (all their friendships are 'short-term') and the occasional devotion of their sex-partner (always a transient), since they owe no allegiance, no fealty, no gratitude, and know no pity. Clearly, this genre of women is the result of the transition from the social hierarchy of the post-Feudal era to an industrialized society, in which the rise of women's countervailing power has degenerated into a struggle for the survival of the fittest women, against all other women and men. Indian mythology was unable to foresee this evolution and its most detrimental consequence, the emergence of the order of Vampire-women.

Vampire-woman's sexonomic relationships being essentially short-run (she cannot help revealing the predatory nature of her innermost Self), her sexonomic happiness heart-line shows a discontinuous pattern, with many ups and downs, since these women are compelled to keep on moving from post to post and between different societal milieus and business environments. After a number of rises to, and falls from, power (for a lifetime average of about three to four for a typical woman in this order), she descends into an ostracized and lonely existence, without friends and without ever again having a hope of even a cursory love relationship.

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