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he member of this order is caught in the balancing act between the two top orders of men and the two lowest orders: there is literally no access to the former, whose women are almost totally off limits to him; while he is also faced with the forever acute danger of being shunted down to the order of Mob-men and their vulgar subsistence. In consequence, Vulpine-man has had no choice but to develop and equip himself with the means and the pursuit of the tactics of dynamic survival: he is tough, sinewy, crafty, calculating, shrewd. He also forms peer groups within his own order in seeking to apply pressure towards working out a mutually advantageous and livable compromise amongst themselves and with the order of Lace-men, on whose cooperation and self-interest Vulpine-man depends for his sustenance and possible advancement one notch higher.

Vulpine-man normally sleeps with his own kind, Conch-woman. But he dreams of Art-woman, intrigued by her scent and her apparent power over the men of her own order. The favourite subject of his dreams involves physical conquest, which is a source of enormous satisfaction and pleasure. Potent, persevering, and prolific, Vulpine-man seeks to perfect his lovemaking techniques as a substitute for his relative lack of education and only bare semblance of culture. He is sought after by numerous Art-women, especially those in need of much stronger muscle and much more enduring performance than their own husbands can muster; women who, starting in the forties, can afford paying hefty bonus prices for this kind of special servicing (normally by the younger set of Vulpine-men, who can be physically unusually good-looking even though quite rough and ill-mannered, and from whom come most of the members of the order of Girandole-men). On the opposite side, it is Elephant-women who naturally aspire to bed with Vulpine-men, as the only direct means of possible escape from their dismal environment. But the set of Vulpine-men is very acquisitive, and even the occasional, momentous, affair with these men can turn out to be expensive and quite beyond the means of even a well-to-do Elephant-woman, in spite of the propensity of such women, to offer thoroughly lustful fornication of unlimited capacity.

Vulpine-men have the appearance of males who possess a vast outpouring of the THREE-Ps. Their performance is derived from the volatility of their superb physique and often offsets the visible absence of Art-men-like finesse in both pre-play and direct intercourse. When engaged in the odd tempestuous lovemaking with Art-woman, Vulpine-man may be unusually sensuous and considerate, even though he knows that a permanent linkage will almost never arise. He therefore seeks solace in his own order, manifesting the qualities of discipline and hard work and expressing his loyalty mainly and foremost to his order-peers.

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